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“EAST INVEST - Eastern Partnership / SME Facility - Project East Alliance” is a new regional investment and trade facilitation project for the economic development of the Eastern Neighbourhood region.

This project has been launched in the framework of the Eastern Partnership initiative, covering the 6 Eastern Partnership countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

• Project launch: November 2010
• Duration: 3 years
• Target groups: Business Support Organisations and SMEs from the EU, Turkey and the 6 Eastern Partnership countries, who have potential for developing mutual cooperation and investment relations.
• Final beneficiaries: The SMEs and the private sector at large in the 6 Eastern Partnership countries.

Main objectives:

• To promote and facilitate investment , and economic cooperation at large between the EU and Eastern Partnership countries, and also between the 6 target countries.
• To create and strengthen the “East Alliance”, mobilising business organisations from both sides to engage in a sustainable partnership based on mutual respect.
• To develop concrete activities which will generate immediate results for SMEs in the region.

Main activities:

• Consolidation of SME support networks, both in the Eastern Neighbourhood Region (EAST-NET), and in the EU (EURO-NET).
• Organisation of trade/investment missions, participation to regional fairs and B2B meetings between EU and Eastern SMEs,.
• Provision of technical assistance to SMEs within EAST-NET, to enhance their networking and trading competences and opportunities
• Provision of technical assistance to business facilitators within EAST-NET, to enhance their abilities and opportunities in supporting network SMEs.
• Provision of technical assistance to selected public sector bodies within EAST-NET, in order to enhance their capacity to create a more conductive business environment for SMEs within the entire EAST INVEST region.

For detailed information:  http://www.eurochambres.eu/Content/Default.asp?PageID=274


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