Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey


By taking part in and rendering financial support for management organs and general assembly meetings of various organizations, TOBB plays a role in the commercial and social life of the country and contributes to the work of official, social and commercial bodies and agencies of which it is a participant. These are:



» National Productivity Center (MPM)

» Turkish Standards Institute (TSE)

» Export Promotion Center (IGEME)

» Small and Medium Industry Development Organization (KOSGEB)

» Press and Announcement Board

» Armed Forces Pension Fund (OYAK)

» Institute of Business Administration

» Turkish Institute for Industrial Management (TÜSSIDE)

» Social Insurance Association for Tradesman and Craftsman and Other Freelance Workers (BAGKUR)

» University of 9 September-Aegean Region Research and Implementation Center

» High Committee of Science and Technology



» Economic Development Foundation (IKV)

» Economic Research Foundation (IAV)

» Promotion Foundation of Turkey (TÜTAV)

» Foundation of Supporting Professional Training and Small Industries

» National Education Foundation

» Turkish Family Health and Planning Foundation (TAPEV)

» Turkish Craftsmen Protection Foundation

» Turkish Lyods’ Foundation

» TOBB Personnel Insurance and Retirement Foundation

» Istanbul Foundation for Public and City Services

» Mevlana Foundation



» Turkish General Stores Inc. (UMAT)

» Military Battery and Trade Inc. (ASPILSAN)

» Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

» Istanbul World Trade Center (IDTM)

» Mersin Free Zone (MESBAS)

» Antalya Free Zone (ASBAS)

» Izmir Fair Services, Culture and Arts Activities Inc (IZFAS)

» Credit Guarantee Fund

» BALO Batı Anadolu Lojistik Organizasyonlar

» TOBBUND Logistics Investmets JSC

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