Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

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- Make the arrangements of ceremony and ceremonial events ( foreign mission approval, meeting, opening ceremony, conference, plenary assembley, signing ceremony, banquet)

- Make the necessary arrangements of the area which is used for the meeting. (locate the direction signs in the area,..etc. ) 

- Make the sitting plans according to the participant list which is prepared and sent by responsible department of the event. Also welcome the participants of the event and show their seats with the personnel of the responsible department.

- Provide institutional presents for the Foreign Countries’ representatives who visit the Union and for the representative of the country who is visited by the Union.

- Support the department which is responsible for the organization of the Union’s offical visits and accompany them if it is necessary.

- Arrange the signing ceremony between the Union and  the Foreign Countries or the other associations.

- Support the responsible department from decoration of the meeting halls, saloons, ceremony areas and the presidential office.




Phone: 0312 218 22 13-16-17

Fax: 0312 218 22 08

e-mail: protokol@tobb.org.tr

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