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Considering Article 37 of Turkish Code of Commerce and Article 56 of Act of TOBB, Turkish Trade Registry Gazette is published daily except holidays by TOBB in Ankara.
Article 37 of Turkish Code of Commerce orders that all amendments for trade registry must be published in Turkish Trade Registry Gazette. According to the Article, Turkish Trade Registry Gazette has published since 1957 in Ankara.

Announcements which are shown in acts, judgements about trade registry, announcements which are given by Official Departments and legal persons about commercial affairs and also decisions which are taken by registrar in bankruptcy are about bankruptcy are published in Turkish Trade Registry Gazette. Turkish Trade Registry Gazette publishing as nearly 850 pages on a daily basis has been displayed on internet free of charge since 01.10.2003.

Trade registry announcements are published within two days after transferring our division. Publication days are shown below there:




Application​ Publishing​
Monday Wednesday​
Tuesday Thursday​
Wednesday Friday​
Thursday Monday​






Owner in the name of TOBB :
 M. Rifat Hisarciklioglu
Publisher :
 Gökhan Mirahmetoğlu

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