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EU-Turkey Chambers Forum-II Project

The overall objective is to strengthen mutual knowledge and understanding between Turkish Chambers and their counterparts in the EU, thus promoting the integration of EU and Turkish business communities and ensuring a stronger awareness of the opportunities and challenges of a future Turkey’s accession to the EU in both Turkey and the EU.
From 2011-2013 TOBB and Eurochambres will implement jointly the ETCF-II project with a total budget of € 5 million, duration of 24 months and  following the successful completion of the previous ETCF-I project (2007-2009) and the TCDP-1 and 2 projects.
The project consists of 2 main components with the following activities:
• EU-Training Program for 30-50 chamber executives in Turkey: 6 modules of training on specific EU-related subjects will be given to Turkish chamber executives. Trainers will be recruited from EU and Turkey. The program will be organized in cooperation with Turkish university partners as host venues.

• 2 Surveys will be conducted in 2011 to cover the Turkish and EU business communities view on Turkey’s accession process:
o In EU: “Survey on the EU business community and Turkey’s EU membership”
o In Turkey: “Survey on Corporate preparation in Turkey for EU Membership”
• 24 Scholarships for Eurochambres Academies: Turkish chamber executives will be invited and selected by TOBB and Eurochambres and granted scholarships to participate to Eurochambres Trade Academy and Summer Academy programmes. A specific contingent is reserved in those academies organized by Eurochambres every year.

• Acquis-Audit: Based on the previous CASE-project some 25 chamber representatives will be trained on an acquis-compliance audit for companies on selected sectors. Those chamber experts will then visit each 10 local companies to review and assist in getting EU-compliant. This work will be supported by EU-acquis experts and TOBB. In total 250 companies will benefit from this activity.

• 4 Study visits for Turkish Chamber executives to European Chamber organizations will be organized; about 30 chamber executives will be invited.

2. Component “CHAMBER PARTNERSHIP GRANT SCHEME”: (grant contracts to selected EU-Turkish chamber partnerships)
To improve the service capacity of Turkish chambers a Call for Proposal will be organized by the CFCU to form ca. 20 chamber-partnerships. Each partnership-grant will have a maximum duration of 12 months and with a co-financing by the chambers of 10%. In previous ETCF-1 project 22 chamber partnerships were successfully formed.
The chambers in EU and Turkey will be informed once the formal ETCF-2 project contract is signed. An Information-Day will be organized in Ankara to specifically inform Turkish chambers about all application formalities and EU-regulations.


More information ; www.etcf.org.tr


- CFCU website and application documents

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