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Sakarya prospers through production

27.03.2015 / Sakarya

Speaking at the Stars of Sakarya Award Ceremony held by the Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SATSO), TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu compared Sakarya and Kayseri, saying, “If 5 prayers a day is mandatory for those of us from Kayseri, Sakarya ought to have an additional 5 just to show how thankful they are for all you have.”​

Congratulating the Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hisarcıklıoğlu said, “The chamber and exchange in Sakarya are 5-starred, providing service of equal quality to any to be found in London, Paris or Berlin.”


Stating that Sakarya is a province which prospers through production, Hisarcıklıoğlu said, “The contribution of industry in Turkey’s economy is 28% while it is 36% in Sakarya; we want the contribution of industry in Turkey’s economy to be at least equal to that of Sakarya.”


Hisarcıklıoğlu expressed his happiness in having Minister İslam with them, “Her wisdom has brought a new vision to public administration. Her work in regards to children subjected to violence and exploitation has been revolutionary. Gone are the days of old Bede houses, replaced by modern childcare institutions. These children are rehabilitated, bringing social peace with it.”


Hisarcıklıoğlu also went on to report that legislative work in regards to violence against women has been completed, “The family support program is being piloted in Sakarya. I hope that the Minister will continue these successful endeavors and spread them throughout the country.”


Hisarcıklıoğlu provided information on Specialized Vocational Training Centers (UMEM) and the new QR coded cheques, “We have conducted a meeting on this matter with Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan and the Union of Banks Chairman, agreeing on many issues. There will be two types of cheques in circulation. One will be the regular cheque while the other will be a QR coded cheque. QR coded cheques will allow you to view the transaction history of the person or establishment issuing the cheque, enabling you to conduct safer commerce. You can choose which cheque you want to use.”


- Family and Social Policy Minister İslam


Family and Social Policy Minister Ayşenur İslam stated that at a time when the global economy is under strain, export and tax awards are even more significant. Expressing the pride those who contribute to Turkey’s economy to such a level give them, İslam pointed out that automotive is Sakarya’s most important sector. She went on to state their desire to build the domestic automobile in Sakarya.

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