Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Tasks and Activities

The division works towards providing all relevant commercial and economical information needed by the chambers of commerce and commodity exchanges in Turkey, as well as designing websites and implementing programs and providing technical support to facilitate the accessibility of said information.  Among other tasks and activities performed by our division are as follows:
• Work pertaining to the Industry Information System
• Trade Exchanges Information System
• Company Establishment and Liquidation Statistics-2010
• The monitoring of the activities of the Science and Technology High Council on behalf of TOBB
• Newsletters and Brochures
• Graphics Design and Development tasks
The industry database, which contains data from 70.000 manufacturer firms who have filed capacity reports since 2003, has been opened to inquiries on the internet. With the help of the system, information such as the name of the firm; address; phone and fax number; the number of personnel at the time of the report; information about the goods manufactured and the total production capacity for the province or for Turkey as a whole can be obtained. The site, which works on a free membership basis, provides contact information details and various statistics pertaining to the sector and product. A total of 17.580 members have made inquiries to the database since the end of the year 2009.
Efforts to improve and develop query programs are ongoing. The latest developed programs are able to color-code Turkey map to provide information according to production figures in order to provide a more visual representation of data. Also, in order to improve and motivate the industry, a “Industry Stacking” program has been developed.
Phone and fax queries pertaining to said industry database have decreased in number as the web-based system has gone online. Regardless, queries made directly to our division, nationally and internationally, are addressed as soon as possible.
Trade Exchanges Information System (http://borsa.tobb.org.tr)
The system has been implemented to provide a consolidated source of information via the TOBB website about the product prices in Turkey, in both Turkish and English. Information about the prices generated throughout Turkey’s Trade Exchanges is presented online in Turkish and English. Price indexes for the Trade Exchanges are calculated. This enables interested parties to keep track of price changes. Exchanges perform online data entry; this provides information about the lowest, highest and average prices generated, bargain amount, bargain count and cost of bargain. With the aid of software developed to this end, it has been made possible to keep track of all price changes occurring in Turkey Trade Exchanges from a single source. In addition, yearly volume information of Exchanges and tender bid announcements are also consolidated into the system. Said system is in use by 41 Trade Exchanges. The Data Retrieval Division maintains the system for continual operation.
Company Establishment and Liquidation Statistics (http://tobb.org.tr/ist/ri.php)
As per the decision made at the IV. Statistics Council of 2009 on 31/03/2009, the responsibility of publishing the Company Establishment and Liquidation Statistics for Official Statistics announced by TÜİK pertaining to company, association and natural entities has been given to our Union starting at the beginning of 2010.
As a part of Official Statistics, with the help of Turkish Trade Registry Gazette, the necessary data entry is performed by our division and said data is published on the 3rd week of every month at 10:00am as “Company Establishment/Liquidation Statistics” in the newsletter by the Data Retrieval Division.
The monitoring of the activities of the Science and Technology High Council on behalf of TOBB
The decisions of the council, which convenes twice yearly, under the presidency of the Prime Minister and organized by the secretariat of TÜBİTAK with our President as a natural member, are monitored by our Division.
Work Pertaining to the Website
The TOBB main website, TOBB Services websites, websites external to the Union and the TOBB intranet.
The design and maintenance of TOBB websites are performed by the Data Retrieval Division. All data obtained by the Union from national and international sources that are deemed relevant are published in the appropriate parts of website by our Division. Web design, graphics work, content management and updates of various campaigns are also performed by the division. Websites created and maintained by the Union are listed below.
Websites of TOBB Services
- Industry Database  Sector Parliaments
- BECERİ 10 UMEM Information Site  Economic Report
- KRİZ VARSA ÇARE VAR Information Site ICC-Tr
- KOBİ Information Site  Woman Entrepreneurs
- Collaboration Proposals from Turkey (Boft)  Young Entrepreneurs
- Collaboration Proposals from Abroad European Council Department
- Tender Proposals from Abroad Trade Exchanges Information System
- Turkish Trade Registry Gazette  Fairs Division
- TOBB-GS1  Insurance Division
- Waste Exchange ATA Carnet
- TOBB Media Portal  TIR Carnet
- Shortsea Shipping  Foreign Economic Relations
Newsletters and Brochures
Information Services Introductory Brochure
The Information Services Introductory Brochure is sent to all embassies, ministries, counsellorships, directorates general, members of the Grand National Assembly, chambers of commerce and commodity exchanges in Turkey as well as all Turkish embassies and trade centers abroad, endorsed by our President.
Science Technologies Newsletter
The newsletter has been in publication since 2005, presenting advances in the fields of Informatics and Technology and the activities of our Union in said fields. The newsletter is delivered to all chambers of commerce and subscribers electronically.
Economic Forum Magazine
The Economic Forum magazine, in publication since 2006, is also made available on our website in its entirety by our division. The monthly online publication of the Economic Forum magazine is performed by the division. Also, all publications are sorted to be accessible from a single archival structure source which is constantly updated. Presently all published content since 2006 is accessible electronically .
TOBB in Press
All international news in English published since November 2005 about our Union and President are compiled and published in the relevant sections of our website.
Graphics Design and Development Tasks
Graphics, visual and logo requests made by all divisions are serviced. Graphics, banner and logo requests for meetings, seminars and printed material and external requests are also serviced. In this framework, business and security cards for our Union have been designed. In addition 8 variants of the vectorial Union logo have been designed and are in use in the website.

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