Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Şaban Aziz KARAMEHMETOĞLU - Member

Şaban Aziz Karamehmetoğlu was born in Rize in 1964; after finishing Rize High School in 1980, due to his close interest in commercial activities, he started to work in the family company as time permitted and became a taxpayer with his father’s encouragement, entering active business life in 1979. In 1985, Karamehmetoğlu transformed his family business, which he took over from his father in 1985, into a group of companies engaged in domestic and foreign trade activities, which are now engaged in construction contracting, construction materials, textile and furnishing products as well as sales of construction materials. He also leads the board of directors of these companies.


Şaban Aziz Karamehmetoğlu was elected as a member of the Assembly of Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1988, and since then he has been serving as deputy president of the board for two terms, board treasurer for one term, President of the assembly for two terms and President of the Board for the last two terms. Karamehmetoğlu is married and the father of a son and two daughters.

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