Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Türkiye Technology Meetings held in Eskişehir

24.05.2023 / 

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye (TOBB) Technology Meetings were held in Eskişehir under the auspices of TOBB, in cooperation with the E-commerce Center and Women in Tech Association (Wtech).​

This year's main topic of Türkiye's most influential event chain, which was organized with the support of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce and Eskişehir Commodity Exchange, was 'Digital Business'.

TOBB Board Member and Eskişehir Commodity Exchange President Ömer Zeydan touched upon the importance of digitalization in his opening speech and said that companies that invest in digitalization are one step ahead.

Stating that TOBB attaches importance to digitalization and carries out a lot of work in this direction, Zeydan stated that they created the Smart SME digital transformation platform in this context and gave a trust stamp to e-commerce sites.

Celalettin Kesikbaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, said, “Instead of rebelling against the developments and new professions emerging with the technological revolution, it is necessary to raise individuals who will capture the spirit of the time and have the skills required by the transformation. This can only be achieved through an education system and human resources policy integrated with digital transformation.”

Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce Board Member Emre Demir stated that the global e-commerce volume is expected to reach 7 trillion dollars in 2023 and said that the share of e-commerce is increasing day by day. Stating that ETO continues projects to develop the e-commerce of its members, Demir stated that they established the Eskişehir E-commerce Center.

Within the scope of the 87th event, 25 speakers made presentations under topics such as e-Commerce and e-Export, digitalization, metaverse, NFT, blockchain in 4 panels.

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