Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Heroines of Entrepreneurship Project in Konya

22.10.2021 / 

The eighth roadshow covering face-to-face trainings in the designated provinces was held in Konya Chamber of Commerce Conference Hall after online trainings in the Heroines of Entrepreneurship Project, which was implemented with the support of Arçelik Retail Academy in cooperation with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Women Entrepreneurs Board and Beko.​

The meeting was organized with the participation of Günseli Özen, Vice President of TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Council, Hatice Tulukçu Erkan, TOBB Konya Women Entrepreneurs Council President, Arçelik Retail Academy and Beko executives. In the program, details were conveyed in a special panel for those who want to become dealers within the scope of Beko 100 Women Dealers project.

Günseli Özen, Vice President of the Women Entrepreneurs Council of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, started by sending her loving greetings to the participants on behalf of TOBB President Mr. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu and TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Council President Nurten Öztürk. “‎As women, we don't take all the volunteer duties because there's a price to pay, we believe that if women, who make up half the population of this country, start working, this country will get richer.‎ There is no fighting in rich countries, we know that we will have no problems in Turkey, where the economy is always growing. The economy is exactly the element necessary for a country to live in prosperity and peace. With women entering the business world, we become richer, and if men and women have a say in the economy together, the cake grows and prosperity comes with it. Since 2007, TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Council has undertaken many projects and made many women in the economy and business world. The Heroines of Entrepreneurship project, which is at stake here today, shows that TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Council is one of these important projects by offering the opportunity to become a Beko dealer. What is this project aiming for? It is trying to ensure that female entrepreneurs who exist in the economy remain strong in the economy. If they are strong, the women who look after them emulate their gender, create this model and become entrepreneurs by saying that I can do it. Another goal of this project is to change ourselves according to the requirements of the day, no matter what job we do. Everything changes. It's not enough to say let's stay where we are and move on and save the day. That's not enough to hold the corners we're in for long-term success, we must remember that. Another purpose of this project is trainings, Arçelik Retail Academy and Beko supports our 7,000 women who are members of TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Council with content that will make all women more stronger and their work better today, regardless of what they do. I would like to thank each and every one of you again for coming once again, thinking that you make the most of this opportunity.”

Hatice Tulukçu Erkan, President of TOBB Konya Women Entrepreneurs Council, started by thanking those who contributed and participated, “As TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Council, increasing our number of female entrepreneurs in line with our mission and vision is our most fundamental issue, in this context we wholeheartedly support the Heroines of Entrepreneurship Project. This project is being implemented with the goal of reaching 7,000 entrepreneurial members of TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Council throughout Turkey in order to empower women in business life. We are excited that entrepreneurial women in the TOBB Konya Women Entrepreneurs Council ecosystem will be given face-to-face training by the Retail Academy here today, as well as informing Beko 100 Women Dealers. I thank you all again for being here with us today.”

‎Beko Sales Director Burak‎ Bilgisel said, “As Beko, we always support and stand by women's participation in the business world. We are happy to be in Konya with the face-to-face trainings we would love to carry out within the scope of the Heroines of Entrepreneurship Project in this way that we aim to support and empower entrepreneurial women. The primary goal of this project is to be able to fill their courage in business life with education and to help women get their rightful place in business life in a safe, competitive and equipped way. Since it is integrated with our 100 Women Dealer Project, I would like to share that we will be happy to join us that our door is open to the entrepreneurial women of Central Anatolia who want to become Beko dealers after the trainings.”

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