Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Turkish Software Council hybrid meeting

13.10.2021 / 

The Software Council of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) held a hybrid meeting at the Ankara Union Center under the chairmanship of Council President Ertan Barut.​

Council President Ertan Barut informed the Council Members about the programmers, working legislations, ongoing projects and the work planned for the next three months as the Software Council. Barut conveyed the issues raised by Trade Minister Mehmet Muş during his visit and shared with the Council Members the work they have done within the scope of Turquality and Export Supports specific to IT and software coordinated with the Ministry. The Council President also shared with the members the work done for remote work and R&D support for the sector, the returns received by the Minister of Commerce and the work carried out with the General Directorate of National Technologies of the Ministry of Industry.

The Council President stated that one of the biggest problems of the software sector is the lack of data sources, and gave information about the meetings he attended and his work on the software inventory project. Ertan Barut stated that software inventory efforts should be collected under the umbrella of the Software Sector Council, which includes representatives of non-governmental organizations, companies and public institutions, and mentioned the importance of creating a NACE-based system.

- Domestic Product Certificate for Software

Councilors consulted on the efforts to obtain domestic product certificates for software that is of great importance to the software sector. Councilors conveyed their opinions and suggestions on the conditions, criteria, form of application and necessary documents that must be sought in order for software products to be considered domestic property.

- Sectoral efforts evaluated

Deputy Council President Murat Hüseyin Candan noted the work carried out by the Strategic Plan Workgroup. Candan gave a presentation about the study, which will determine the next three years of working actions aimed at increasing the export of software and software-based services. In addition, the work carried out with the Ministry of Industry and Technology for the NACE Codes effort, which is important for the sector, was discussed at the meeting.

- Mentor Movement for Millions of Women

MWM Million Women Mentor Program Leader Sibel Esder and Binyaprak President Melek Pulatkunak gave an informational presentation about the Mentor Program for Million Women. Esder stated that the mentoring program aims to bring together young women (15-25 years old) and industry leaders working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through a digital platform, and that senior executives and other volunteers of American companies in Turkey aim to provide mentoring support to future female executives, thus establishing 1 million mentoring relationships within 10 years.

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