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TÜRİB becomes R&D center

04.04.2021 / Ankara

The application of “TÜRİB R&D Center” of the Turkey Product Specialized Exchange was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.​

Turkey Product Specialized Exchange (TÜRİB) has achieved another significant success in line with its mission and vision aimed at effective and internationally standardized Commodity Exchange services. R&D Center received approval from the Ministry of Industry and Technology for its technological infrastructure and software architecture works.

TÜRİB applied to the Ministry of Industry and Technology on January 18, 2021, to issue the “R&D Center” certificate within the framework of the “Law on Supporting Research, Development and Design Activities” dated 28/02/2008 and numbered 5746.

The application for the R&D Center was decided on March 23, 2021, at a meeting organized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and became TÜRİB R&D Center.

TÜRİB R&D Center, which includes 6 projects and 26 personnel in an area of 382 square meters within the Information Technologies Unit of TÜRİB, aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the agricultural sector by producing innovative and high-tech products in the fields of finance and software technologies, to provide inclusive and innovative solutions to the problems of the agricultural commodity exchange ecosystem, to work for their commercialization and to enable the employment of qualified human resources.

TÜRİB will develop academic collaborations in accordance with the scope of the projects it is carrying out as an R&D Center and will apply to national and international funds for R&D-quality projects.

TÜRİB aims to be the R&D analyzer of its stakeholders as the FinTech Center of the agricultural sector and to create a common itinerary within the scope of Agriculture 4.0 and digital transformation. Thanks to the support and incentives provided centrally, R&D will contribute to both product specialized stockbroking and Turkey's R&D ecosystem.

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