Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Kazakhstan's Agriculture Minister Omarov discussed opportunities for co-operation

14.10.2020 / Ankara

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Board Treasurer Faik Yavuz, Agriculture Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Saparhan Omarov, Kazakhstan Ambassador to Ankara Abzal Saperbekuly and the accompanying delegation participated in the meeting held at TOBB Twin Towers. The meeting informed the Turkish business world about investment opportunities in Kazakhstan.​

Speaking at the meeting, TOBB Board Treasurer Faik Yavuz pointed out that they wholeheartedly believe in Kazakhstan's economy and the bright future of the people of Kazakhstan.

Yavuz stated that they believe that all of this will further increase Kazakhstan's appeal in terms of trade and investment, and that they are aware of the need to work harder as businesspeople on this issue, “In 2017, together with ATAMEKEN, we established the Turkish Kazakh Chamber of Commerce and Industry Forum. We have made investments in many sectors that add value to Kazakhstan. Our contractors have also done a lot of successful work. Now we need to spread this business to the agricultural sector.”

Emphasizing that the COVID-19 outbreak shows how important and strategic food and agriculture are, Faik Yavuz said, “The fact that those who control food in the future will control the world is becoming a little clearer every day. Of the 13 billion hectares of land available in the world, only 5 billion hectares are agricultural land. Of this, only 1.5 billion hectares are farmed. Developments such as increased urbanization, global warming, mis-use of land, desertification and erosion threaten farmlands. Therefore, if we develop our cooperation in this field, we will both secure the future of our countries and gain a significant advantage in global competition. As Turkey, we export 1,800 different agricultural products worth $18 billion to 190 countries.

We are first in Europe in agricultural product. With our joint ventures with Kazakhstan, we can have a say in agriculture and food in the world.”

- Invitation to invest from the Minister of Kazakhstan

Saparhan Omarov, Agriculture Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, said in his speech that they are constantly working to improve the business environment in his country. Omarov said they have simplified procedures and carried out legal arrangements to protect the rights of those investing in Kazakhstan.

Minister Omarov, while giving information about the attractive aspects of his country for investors, also invited the Turkish business world to invest.

Reporting that Kazakhstan is the 40th most invested country in the world, Abzal Saperbekuly, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Ankara, noted that Kazakhstan and Turkey are the two sister countries. Ambassador Saperbekuly mentioned that they have attracted $24 billion in investments in the last 10 years, and reported that the trade volume between the two countries has reached $3.9 billion.

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