Türkiye Odalar ve Borsalar Birliği

SME Information Website


In order to serve as a one-stop shop information center for SMEs’ needs and to promote information relating to government grants, an SME information website – www.kobi.org.tr – was established through the Presidential Circular No: 2005/2. The circular grants the coordination activities of the site to TOBB.

The SME Information Website provides detailed information 14 different areas:

  • Definition of SME
  • Company Operations
  • Permits
  • Taxes
  • Labor and Social Security
  • Support and Incentives
  • Access to Finance
  • Quality and Certification
  • Foreign Trade and Transportation & Logistics
  • Business Development
  • EU Information on SMEs
  • R&D and Innovation
  • Useful Information for SMEs
  • Knowledge Base


The SME Information Website can be accessed at http://www.kobi.org.tr.

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