Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Request for Previous Copies

According to Turkish Trade Registry Gazette Statute, two copies of the Gazette which has been published since 25/02/1957 have been conserved in our chancery. Manifold copies which are approved by our Department are sent the concerned persons.
By reason of increasing the number of announcements, Turkish Trade Registry Gazette publishing as nearly 850 pages on a daily basis has been displayed on internet free of charge since 01.10.2003. All index information of announcements has been hold place since 01/01/1993 in Turkish Trade Registry Gazette and it can be searched by trade registry number or name of companies. It is clearly expressed number of copies and pages of the Gazette at the time of asking old copies.

In order to reach the copies of the Gazette published before 01.01.1993 it has to be sent a letter which encompasses information of trade registry name and trade registry number of company, date and number of the Gazette or information of publishing date of the announcement. It has to be also sent a bank receipt which is shown payment for old copies to our address Dumlupinar Bulvari, No:252, 06530 Ankara.

Price of a copy of the Gazette is 5,- TL and you can transfer the payment to our one of bank accounts.

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