Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Halim Mete: Achievements in the field of information will bring more wealth to Turkey

11.08.2017 / Ankara

TOBB Vice Chairman Halim Mete, speaking at the Informatics Sector Meeting, said that Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlu has expressed that there is no alternative to a private sector-based growth model at every opportunity.​

Mete stated that the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology has taken important steps in recent years and prepared an industry support package that reduces the cost burden on the production and alleviates administrative obstacles. The patent law guaranteeing the rights of inventors and technology producers has been passed. A legislation vital which facilitates the R&D center establishment, strengthening the innovation ecosystem has been implemented. The Industrial Digital Transformation Platform, which aims to facilitate Turkey's adaptation to the digital transformation process and is a part of our Union has been established. For these most important steps taken by the development for our industry, we extend our gratitude to Minister Özlü, his colleagues and the ministry.

Halim Mete stated that the programmers being considered industrialists would enable them to benefit from the state incentives more effectively, pointing out that every bit of extra support given to the sector would make a great contribution to the ability to make promise-based software companies on a global scale.

- Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Özlü

Faruk Özlu, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, stated that the information technology and software manufacturing enterprises, together with the Production Reform Package, are included in the Industrial Register Law and said, “We’ve categorized software with industrialists and now they will benefit from all the rights industrialists enjoy. Especially young entrepreneurs.”

- Software Sector Council Chair Elmas

TOBB Turkey Software Sector Chair Melek Bar Elmas reported that according to Gartner data, the global software market is grew by 6% in 2016 to reach 333 billion USD, expected to growth for 2017 is 7% reaching 357 billion USD.

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