Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

“I wish you a happy and peaceful holiday”

01.05.2022 / Ankara

M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), said in his Ramadan statement, “I wish for a holiday in our country and in the world where peace, prosperity spread hope to the hearts and the importance of love and tolerance is better appreciated.”​

Hisarcıklıoğlu stated in his message, “After the holy month of Ramadan, we are happy to have another Eid, which we wish to reinforce our sense of peace and brotherhood.

The holidays are the best occasion for strengthening people's bonds of unity and solidarity. We must never forget the importance of sharing, embracing each other with love, being able to empathize. The prolonged pandemic has had debilitating effects on the lives of all. We believe that with the alleviation of this calamity, we will return to the old days that we missed together.

On behalf of the Turkish business community, I hope that Eid will bring happiness and peace to our nation, the Islamic world and humanity.”

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