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Pleasing to see increase of SME Eximbank shares

28.12.2018 / Gaziantep

Speaking at the opening of Turkish Eximbank Gaziantep Branch, TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu stated that Eximbank is gaining new dynamism and added, “The share of our SMEs in Eximbank has reached and exceeded 70% for the first time this year. Hopefully now, thanks to this branch, more and more SMEs will be able to reach Eximbank.”​

Opening ceremony of Turkish Eximbank Gaziantep Branch was held with the participation of TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Minister of Commerce Ruhsar Pekcan, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, Gaziantep Mayor Fatma Şahin, TESK President Bendevi Palandöken, Eximbank General Manager Adnan Yıldırım, Chamber and Exchange Presidents as well as many guests.

In his speech, TOBB President Hisarcıklıoğlu stated that Gaziantep deserves this and more, “You have become the 6th largest exporting city in our country. You reach and sell your goods in 179 countries. Among the top 1000 exporters, there are 68 companies from Gaziantep. Thus, you have managed to be the 3rd province with the highest number of exporters.”

- Eximbank gains dynamism

Stating that Gaziantep's exports and export success are a source of pride for everyone, Hisarcıklıoğlu said, “There are 6 OIZs in total, including the biggest OIZ of our country. I am also proud of our esteemed traders and industrialists who succeeded in achieving all this. Under the leadership of our Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, and with the efforts of our General Manager, Eximbank has gained new dynamism.

The share of our SMEs in Eximbank has reached and even exceeded 70% for the first time this year. Hopefully now, thanks to this branch, our more SMEs will be able to reach Eximbank.”

- Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan

In her speech, Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan stated that they aim to provide the Turkish lira loans they only provide to Turkish exporters to SMEs as well.

Pekcan, in her speech at the opening ceremony of the Turk Eximbank branch office in Gaziantep, stated that the main objective of Turkey's future 10 years is to ascend to high-income countries’ league.

Pekcan stated that the country will reach this target through more and higher value-added exports. As a Ministry, Pekcan stated that they solved the problems and make future plans in full coordination with public, private sector and non-governmental organizations.

Pekcan, stated that they will focus on technology, design and branding, extending export growth to the long term structurally.

Stating that they are aware of Gaziantep’s important role and added value for Turkey and the region Pekcan, stressed that the Ministry continues to support the exporters of Gaziantep with all their support mechanisms.

Pekcan reported that Eximbank finances 26 USD per 100 USD of exports in Turkey, while in Gaziantep this is 27 USD, so the institution has raised its total funding to 44 billion USD.”

Excelling among the exporters of Eximbank, the share of SMEs has reached 70.4% from 53%, Pekcan said that the institution has implemented new and effective support mechanisms in order to support exporters and that they will be diversified next year.

- Eximbank General Manager Adnan Yıldırım

Eximbank General Manager Adnan Yıldırım reported that the bank now places policy instead of letter of guarantee stating that, “Now, our main collateral is our policy.” Yıldırım stated that the work carried out in Gaziantep in the last 2 years is an exemplary model.

Yıldırım stated that the bank's support rate would be 20% of exports in Turkey next year, Gaziantep has already achieved this, emphasizing that they will continue to support the real sector.

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