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PM Erdoğan accepted the Turkey – EU Joint Arbitration Committee delegation

11.04.2014 / Ankara

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accepted the Turkey – EU Joint Arbitration Committee delegation comprised of TESK President Bendevi Palandöken, TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Türk-İş Director General Ergün Atalay, Hak-İş Director General Mahmut Arslan, Memur-Sen Director GeneralAhmet Gündoğdu and TİSK Board Chairman Tuğrul Kudatgobilik at the Dolmabahçe office.​

Giving a statement following the meeting which took place closed to the press, the Turkey – EU Joint Arbitration Committee Turkish Wing and TESK President Bendevi Palandöken stated that they are very well aware that they will be heard as long as Turkey is heard; that they will exist as long as Turkey exists; and that they will be strong so long as Turkey is strong.


Stating that they have members from all creeds and ethnic backgrounds, Palandöken said that the first thing they want is to work in peace and produce, contributing to Turkey’s growth.


Reporting that the local administrative elections are now behind them, Palandöken said:


“Local administrative elections are complete. National will has manifested itself. The ballot box has once again served its purpose. Now, for the first time, we will elect the President of the Republic by popular vote. An intense political period is behind us. We think it is imperative that, in order to allow everyone to focus on their work now, the political atmosphere be softened.”


- The financial situation is trying on all of us


Stating that the global economy is undergoing a difficult period, Palandöken said, “The current financial situation is trying on all of us. Our members are feeling the negative impact of the financial shock from outside our borders in their everyday lives. Nobody wants to worry about the future. The work we do shows that our members who lost hope before look to the future with optimism. This optimism would be best supported by a visible political softening.”


Palandöken, emphasizing that Turkey is an open country, stated that they learned they could prosper by opening up to the rest of the world only by doing it and went on to stress the fact that a country open to the international environment must be ready to face the shocks which come from without.


Bendevi Palandöken said, “Negating the adverse financial effects from without through labor and production necessitates a peaceful political arena for Turkey in the coming months. That is what we visited from Prime Minister Erdoğan during this visit. We will also be visiting other party leaders.”


- “A period of elevated democracy and law”


Bendevi Palandöken stated that Turkey must now focus on the economy, “We believe that social policy must be reiterated as per our social state structure. We must support the optimistic belief in Turkey’s future. The determination shown in the EU process must be sustained. More freedoms, democracy and law process brought up with the new constitution must move forward. We are aware of the importance of national will. The authority and judicial province must be transferred to bureaucratic channels. As important legislative adjustments are made in regards to the future of Turkey, we believe that these are the points which require the most attention. The interests of the country are paramount.”

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