Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Hisarcıklıoğlu urges support for women and youth

15.11.2013 / Kars

TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu and the Customs and Commerce Minister Hayati Yazıcı attended the Kars Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Kars Commodity Exchange Council Joint Meeting as guests. Hisarcıklıoğlu issued a call to Kars to support women and young entrepreneurs and stated that a market of 18 million would be created just 3 hours away with the opening of the Çıldır-Aktaş Customs Gate.​

TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, in his speech at the meeting held at the Kars Grand Ani Hotel, celebrated the month of Muharrem and stated that this was a month for unity and solidarity. Reminding that elections were behind them as the TOBB community, Hisarcıklıoğlu expressed his wishes for the success of the newly elected administrators and said that this duty was an opportunity which required self-sacrifice to provide services.


Emphasizing that the TOBB community is Turkey’s most democratic institution, Hisarcıklıoğlu said, “You need the votes of the members with whom you are in direct competition with. This is no easy business.


If we have succeeded in any way it is the unity of our 365 chamber and exchanges. If there is peace within a family then there is peace in its outlook as well. I thank the presidents of the 365 chambers and exchanges.”


Hisarcıklıoğlu remarked that Kars, which established its exporters union in 1937, could become the production center of the region.


Customs and Commerce Minister Hayati Yazıcı reported in his speech that, with the opening of the Çıldır-Aktaş Customs Gate, a shortcut eliminating 300 km of travel to Georgia and Azerbaijan, would be instated.


Kars Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Fahri Ötegen emphasized that production is the answer to immigration – a great source of problems for many provinces.

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