Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Hisarcıklıoğlu attended the Los Angeles World Business Council meeting

21.10.2013 / Los Angeles / USA

In the US for the “Turkey Investment Week”, TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Prime Minister Deputy Ali Babacan and the delegation accompanying them attended the dinner held by the Los Angeles World Business Council. ​

Speaking at the Los Angeles World Business Council, Prime Minister Deputy Ali Babacan spoke about the Turkish economy to American businessmen.


Ali Babacan  said, “Many of the 28 EU countries are unable to fulfill EU criteria. Turkey’s economy is better off than many EU countries, however every effort made in order to reach a goal enables us to raise our standards,” speaking in regards to the level of prosperity which Turkey’s economy has reached.


“There was just one scheduled flight between İstanbul and New York in 2002. Today, that number has tripled.


Turkey is a Balkan country, a European country as well as a Middle Eastern country,” said the Deputy Prime Minister and stated that they plan on making İstanbul one of the top 10 global commerce centers.


Talking in regards to the Gezi Protests which happened in May, Babacan reported that there would be other democracy packages as well.


Speaking with regards to the 2023 goals, Babacan said, “Turkey moves with regional and global responsibilities in mind; we are monitoring all developments closely.”

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