Certification ceremony held for the newly accredited Chambers and Commodity Exchanges at TOBB Headquarters ​


Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Accreditation aimed to provide for the ‘best’ service

22.01.2011 / ANKARA

Certification ceremony held for the newly accredited Chambers and Commodity Exchanges at TOBB Headquarters ​

TOBB’s President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, who made the opening speech of the ceremony, underlined that the main goal of accreditation is to elevate to the highest possible level the quality of the services that are provided by chambers and commodity exchanges. Hisarciklıoğlu declared that two new criteria are going to be added to the present ones in terms of TOBB’s support to the chambers and commodity exchanges: the chambers/commodity exchanges which have ISO 9001 and accreditation certificates are going to have access to further support from the TOBB.        
Hisarcıklıoğlu, emphasizing that Turkish industrialists are no longer competing only with the firms in their locality or in our country but they are also competing with firms from different countries in the world, said: “In addition to our domestic market it is also possible to sell products in global markets. Therefore, there are both opportunities and challenges. The firms that are prepared for global competition will have amazing opportunities. While arguing for our firms’ transformation to adjust to global competitive conditions, it is impossible for our chambers and commodity exchanges, which are the main representative of our firms, to remain as they are. We are also obliged to change and to progress. Otherwise our capacity to represent will be harmed.”        
Competitiveness will increase
Hisarcıklıoğlu, pointing out that in order to increase the competitive power of traders and industrialists, the services provided by chambers should have a same standard, said “We have launched the Accreditation Project based upon this finding. We aim with this project to elevate the service provision quality and the institutional capacity of our chambers and commodity exchanges, which are the main representative of the real sector, to the level of their European counterparts.”     
“We cannot smile if our workers do not.”
TOBB’s President Hisarcıklıoğlu touched upon the Specialized Vocational Training Centers (UMEM) and asked the chambers and commodity exchanges executives to get their hands on the project.
He said: “With UMEM Project, God blessed us with a very good opportunity. All of us should carry responsibility as presidents. We should exploit this opportunity and do our best. We shall not forget that the best people are those who are beneficial for others. This is a very important opportunity to enable our unemployed to have a vocation. Since I am serving as the TOBB’s President, I haven’t yet seen such a great opportunity as this project. Please don’t miss this opportunity. We cannot smile if our workers do not.”
TOBB’s Vice President Halim Mete 
TOBB’s Vice President and Chaiman of TOBB’s Accreditation Board Halim Mete in his speech at the ceremony mentioned that the main goal of the accreditation system is “enabling the chambers and commodity exchanges to provide better quality services to their members.” Mete explained that this project paves the way for the chambers and commodity exchanges to bring in an “added value to the services” they provide. Mete added that the chambers and commodity exchanges that are part of the system have progressed significantly.
KalDer’s President Hamdi Doğan
The President of the Quality Association of Turkey (Kal-Der) Hamdi Doğan pointed out in his speech that the culture of quality and accreditation aims at constant improvement. Doğan added that the works started in the field of product quality spill over into services, process, administration and thinking quality, which in the final instance aims at improving the quality of life.   
TOBB’s chamber and commodity exchanges system is implemented since 2002. From 2002 to present 68 chambers, from 2008 to present 17 commodity exchanges have been accredited. The process of accreditation of 17 chambers and commodity exchanges in Phase VII is underway. 
23% of the chambers and commodity exchanges are accredited
Chambers and Commodity Exchanges that are accredited in Phase VI are: Aydın Stock Exchange (SE), Bandırma Chamber of Commerce (CC), Biga SE, Çanakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), Erzincan CCI, Ereğli-Konya SE, Eskişehir SE, Fethiye CCI, Giresun SE, Isparta SE, İzmir SE, Karacabey SE, Karaman SE, Karapınar SE, Kuşadası CC, Mersin Chamber of Shipping (CS), Tokat CCI.
Phase IV Chambers and Commodity Exchanges which are certified again are : Adana Chamber of Industry (CI), Antakya CCI, Aydın CC, Balıkesir CC, Bodrum CC, Çorum CCI, Düzce CCI, Edirne CCI, Isparta CCI, Kocaeli CC, Kayseri CC, Malatya CCI, Ordu CCI, Salihli CCI, Van CCI.

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