Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Chemical Industry Council convened to evaluate current developments

12.05.2023 / 

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye (TOBB) Chemical Industry Council met under the chairmanship of Timur Erk, President of the Council, with the participation of TOBB Vice Presisdent Ayhan Zeytinoğlu.​

TOBB Vice Presisdent Ayhan Zeytinoğlu started his opening speech by extending his condolences for our citizens who lost their lives as a result of the earthquake and healing to the injured. Mr. Zeytinoğlu informed about the “Let's Build a House” housing campaign launched by TOBB and shared the details of the campaign with the members of the sector councils and stated that they expect their contributions to the campaign.

Zeytinoğlu pointed out that the recovery of industry and trade in the earthquake zone is of great importance as well as shelter, and stated that as a result of the consultations made as the TOBB Board of Directors, they laid the foundations of 4 permanent projects specific to that region for the economy of the region and the country. He emphasized that “My supplier is from the earthquake zone program” is one of these projects and that by supplying raw materials and intermediate goods from the earthquake zone, businesses operating in that region and the regional economy can be supported.

In his opening speech, Timur Erk, Chairman of the Council, evaluated the sector in terms of the country and the world. Stating that there are great difficulties in accessing financing, Erk drew attention to the need to update the definition of SME. Afterwards, Timur Erk left the floor to the Council Members and the Council Members made evaluations on the agenda.

The latest situation of the chemical industry and KKDİK were discussed in detail at the meeting. Detailed consultations were held with the representatives of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change on KKDİK and the current situation of the sector was conveyed.

The meeting also provided information on the activities carried out within the framework of the Chemical Industry Workgroup organized within the framework of the preparations for the 12th Development Plan.

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