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Turkish Education Assembly, asked for flexibility in lecture programs of private schools

Turkish Education Assembly reunited in TOBB Economics and Technology University. At the meeting apart from assembly members where senior representatives of public office, private sector and non-governmental organizations showed great interest, sectoral problems were addressed. ​ ​

The invitation for Turkish businessmen to invest in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Minister of Mines, Vahidullah Şehrani was the guest of TOBB. Guest Minister, who made a presentation on investment opportunities in Afghanistan to the cement, mining and construction sector representatives, pointing to the possibilities and capabilities of Turkish companies, has invited Turkish contractors to tenders in Afghanistan.​ ​

YOİKK Steering Meeting realized at TOBB

The Coordination Council for the Improvement of the Investment Environment (YOİKK) Steering Meeting, headed by Undersecretary of Treasury İbrahim Halil Çanakçı realized at TOBB to discuss 2011-2012 action plan proposals. ​ ​


World Customs Organization (WCO) recommended number of security standards by introducing Safe Framework of Standards after the terror attack in 11 September 2001. ​ ​

Highway passenger transportation Wiats New Statistic System

TOBB Turkish Highway Passenger Transportation Assembly meeting occured at TOBB Economy and Technology University. Assembly pointed out the importance of the new statistic sytem which is prepared by Turkish General Directorate of Security and indicate that the new system will direct the sector in terms of employment created by sector, passenger capacity, number of accident and the reasons. ​ ​

In January 2011, 221 companies with foreign partners were established.

In January 2011, 221 companies with foreign partners were established. 43 of such companies had Iranian partners while 29 had German partners.
​ ​

Informatory Meeting for “Turkish Commercial Code” at TOBB

Prof. Dr. Zuhtu Aytac made a presentation about “The New Turkish Commercial Code in the context of Commercial Businesses and Companies” at the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB).​ ​

Invitation from TOBB to Vietnamese Businessmen

  The Vice President of Vietnam National Assembly Mr. Nguyen Duc Kien, together with a delegation, visited TOBB on 15th of February, 2011 for a working luncheon. The luncheon has begun with the speech of the Vice President of TOBB, Mr. Faik Yavuz. He started by saying that the visit of a Vietnamese delegation of businessmen to Turkey will be a step to increase economic relations. ​ ​

Datamatrix applications facilititate tracking of products

GS1 Turkey made a presentation about healthcare and datamatrix on a webinar which had over 30 participants from different countries. Attendants of the webinar were, the members of international GS1 organization which determines the various e-commerce standards; such as barcode, datamatrix, RFID and traceability.​ ​

Turkish Climatization Assembly wanted the ratios of private consumption tax to be equalized

TOBB Turkish Climatization Assembly convened under the chairmanship of Zeki Poyraz. While emphasizing the unfair competition resulting from the imbalance of private consumption tax (ÖTV) implementations, Assembly President Poyraz added that air conditioning plants capable of cooling and humidification are subjected to private consumption tax, whereas if the same device is sold under the name of heating/ventilation plants then it is not subjected to such tax. Poyraz stated that this problem can only be solved by equalizing the ratios of private consumption tax. ​ ​

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