Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

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In accordance with Law Number 5174 Article 56/e, on the subject of relations with the European Union and the task TOBB is given (To monitor the right of these sectors in relations with the EU and international organisations; to carry out operations as regards the acquis, to inform Chambers and Commodity Exchanges on these subjects), in light of Turkey-EU Partnership Relations and Turkey’s accession process;

- The business world being informed,

- The business world being represented at a national and international level,

- As regards matters on Chapters, legislative and administrative arrangements, to compile joint views of the business world and transmit to the relevant public institutions and in some cases to EU institutions,

- To keep track of and provide support to Turkey’s communication and lobbying operations, 

- To develop and implement projects aiming to increase the variety of services offered by Chambers and Commodity Exchanges to enterprises, and to improve the quality level of the aformentioned services,

-  To develop and implement projects that would strengthen the harmonization capacity of firms during the EU accession process,

- To track and prepare views of the business world as regards Turkey’s UN Climate Change Negotiations and the Environment Chapter in the EU accession process,

- To take part in policy making process on the subject of vocational training and take part in EU harmonization operations.

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