Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

LPG Council convenes to discuss industry’s problems

16.10.2017 / Ankara

TOBB Turkey Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Council was held under Council Chair Gökhan Tezel, with the participation of EPDK LPG Director Muhammed Demir and council members.​

Council Chair Gökhan Tezel first reported on the decision to equalize ÖTV at 1.778 TL / ton for all LPG products effective from 1 August 2017, providing information in regards to market diversity as well as important developments related to LPG in the world.

It was declared that it would be beneficial for the representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Customs and Energy and Natural Resources to be invited on an ongoing basis in order to clarify the sectoral problems to meetings with the members of the council of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources evaluations on the issues submitted in the Turkish Economy.

- Regulations related to the sector discussed

The meeting also touched on the issue of change of license regulation text. The national stock / coupon system, revenue share, authorization for electronic applications, removal of the road transport license and clearing practices were put on the table in light of the statements of EPDK LPG Director Muhammed Demir. Implementation of the tube monitoring and tracking system was discussed; the council members suggested that the consumer be informed via public information channels.

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