Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

“No to terror; Yes to solidarity”

17.09.2015 / Ankara

Turkey has united as one voice. The “No to Terror; Yes to Solidarity Meeting” found wide attendance with support from TOBB and 261 civil society organizations. TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu emphasized the importance of unity and solidarity in fighting terrorism, “This homeland, this country, this flag belong to all of us. Together, we are Turkey.”​

Kicking off at the Sıhhiye Square in Ankara, the “No to Terror; Yes to Solidarity Meeting” ended at the first House of Parliament in Ulus. The Turkish Flag provided common ground during the meeting. Reading the joint proclamation from the balcony of the first House of Parliament, TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu said:

“We would like to first thank the professional organizations, syndicates, civil society organization and our citizens from Ankara and the four corners of the country.

The people who have come here today have stood up for the unity of our country, nation and government.

They’ve shown a united national stance against terror, proudly displaying the solidarity of our nation.

We who stand here today, all have different views of the world, different ideas.

We do have common ground though.

We are all children of this land; we all love this country.

We cannot stand silent while our homeland, unity, liveliness, peace; our present and future are being targeted.

We cannot stand silent while they would set us against each other; neighbor against neighbor; brother against brother.

We cannot stand silent while we are suffering terror attacks; while there is widespread polarization in society; while intelligence and conscience are eclipsed.

That is why a crowd of apocalyptic proportions comprised of many views and thoughts is assembled here today.

We have brought our crescent and star flag which symbolizes our unity and independence.

We have come here to preserve the solidarity of our nation.

We have come here to foil the dirty games played against our country.

We have come here to extinguish the flame of sedition which aims to tear us apart.

We have come here to show those who target peace that our hearts beat as one.

We have come here to lend our strength to peace and to mend broken hopes.

We focus on our similarities, not differences; on a hope filled future.


We condemn terror; we celebrate solidarity. WE SAY NO TO TERROR; YES TO SOLIDARITY.

We stand now at the House of Parliament in which the seeds of the Republic of Turkey were sown.

The fact that our meeting ends here is an important message to all.

We are at the first symbol of this nation’s will to coexist, the founding Parliament.


Our great nation,

On this day we have stood up to protect our democracy, unity and solidarity.

On this day we’ve preserved our common sense.

On this day we’ve listened to our consciences.

We’ve come together with the awareness which comes with being a citizen of this country. We will continue our determined unity.

We will be the voice of those whose hearts are filled with solidarity and peace, not anger.

We must avoid all actions which would hurt our citizens in the name of protesting terror.

This nation stands against terror.

This nation preserves its solidarity.

We are all children of this land, we are all siblings.

This homeland, this country, this flag belongs to all of us.

We are Turkey.

Once more we say ‘No to Terror; Yes to Solidarity’”

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