Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Call to protest terror on Thursday, September 17th

14.09.2015 / Ankara

14 organizations representing NGOs, syndicates and trade bodies issued a call to everyone to assemble at the Ankara Sıhhiye Square on Thusday, September 17th, to protest terror. Reading the statement, TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu said, “We call on every citizen who condemns terror and works to preserve our solidarity. We say ‘No to Terror. Yes to Solidarity’. We invite everyone to this great meeting.”​

The press meeting which took place at the TOBB Twin Towers was attended by HAK-İŞ, MEMUR-SEN, MÜSİAD, T. KAMU-SEN, TBB (Union of Turkish Bar Associations), TEMAD, TESK, TİSK, TOBB, TÜRK-İŞ, TÜRKONFED, TÜRMOB, TÜSİAD and TZOB. The joint statement was read by TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu.

The full text is as follows:


·          Hak Workers’ Syndicate Confederation (HAK-İŞ),

·          Civil Servants’ Syndicate Confederation (MEMUR-SEN),

·          Association of Independent Industrialists and Businessmen (MÜSİAD),

·          Turkey Government Employees Syndicate (TÜRKİYE KAMU-SEN),

·          Union of Turkish Bar Associations (TBB),

·          Turkey Retired NCOs Association Astsubaylar Derneği (TEMAD),

·          Turkey Merchants and Craftsmen Confederation (TESK),

·          Turkey Employers’ Syndicate Confederation (TİSK),

·          Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB),

·          Turkey Workers’ Syndicate Confederation (TÜRK-İŞ),

·          Turkish Enterprise and Business Community Confederation (TÜRKONFED)

·          Turkey Professional Accountant and Certified Public Accountants Union (TÜRMOB),

·          Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TÜSİAD),

·          Turkey Union of Chambers of Agriculture (TZOB),


Salute you with respect.


As you know, our country is facing terror from within as well as without.

We’ve lost many citizens, soldiers and law enforcement officers.


These abominable acts wound our hearts and cause anxiety in regards to the future.

A dirty game targeting our country, unity and peace. Our friendship of millennia is under attack.


It is within our abilities to avoid this trap, preserving our unity and solidarity.

We must maintain our common sense, listen to our conscience; we must extinguish the flames of unrest.

We must stand united against terror which aims to set us against each other.

We must show willingness to flourish throughout the country.

This is a day to stand united.


No matter what our roots, identity or creed, all 78 million of us are Turkey.

We stand together as organized representatives of all parts of society throughout Turkey.

We are the workers, producers, traders, farmers, public servants, retirees and entrepreneurs. We are one, we are united!


Our common ground is founded on democracy, rule of law and respect to human life.

Democracy means rights and freedoms but also responsibility.

Without taking responsibility there can be no rights or freedoms. We are moving forward with this feeling of responsibility.

We want to put forth our will and meet with all citizens who share our sensibilities.

In this regard, we have decided to come together in Ankara on Thursday, September 17th, coming from all over the country.

As representatives of all parts of society of every view and thought, we invite all of Turkey to meet with us in on Thursday, September 17th in Ankara Sıhhiye Square.

On that day, we will meet in Sıhhiye and conclude at the First Parliament.

The organizations present here are the organizing committee of this meeting.

However, this is not just our meeting, it is the meeting of all parts of Turkey.

We call on all civil society organizations and citizens who condemn terror and solidarity.

We say ‘No to Terror. Yes to Solidarity’.

We invite all of our people to attend this meeting.


Valued members of the press,

Our greatest priority is the safety of our citizens and maintaining peace in our country.

Our greatest power is our solidarity.

Come; let us show everyone our will to coexist and our solidarity.

Come; let us abandon inflammatory statements, avoid increasing tensions in society.

We must remain calm and prudent during this process.

There is no other Turkey.

This is the message we will give out on Thursday, September 17th.

We will have no symbols of any political views or civil society organizations.

We will carry only the star and crescent flag which symbolizes our unity, solidarity and independence.


We will condemn terror; we will preserve our solidarity, freedom and future.

We will focus on what brings us together, not our differences; we will focus on the future.

We will not alienate anyone; we will be one and shout together but one thing.

We will say, ‘No to terror. Yes to solidarity.’

We invite all of our nation and civil society organizations to this great meeting.

We urge all those not able to join us there to cover the country from end to end with crimson flags.


Those who aim to weaken our bonds of solidarity should know that the essence of these lands is very strong.

We will foil these dirty plots as a nation. We hope to meet with you all on Thursday, we salute you.”

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