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Cengiz Delibaş: “The competitiveness of our industrialists depends on our ability to realize green transformation”

02.05.2023 / 

The 18th SME Summit, organized by TOSYÖV in cooperation with TOBB, TİM and KOSGEB, was held with the theme of “Sustainable Green Transformation”.​
Hasan Büyükdede, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, Kutlu Karavelioğlu, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of TIM, Att. Osman Deveci, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TOSYÖV, Mustafa Keskin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of İkitelli OIZ (IOSB), as well as representatives of the public, academia, business world, NGOs, business people, entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs attended the summit.
TOBB Deputy Secretary General Cengiz Delibaş, who attended the Summit on behalf of TOBB, said in his opening speech that it is thanks to the production power and dynamic structure of our SMEs that our economy survives despite adversities such as pandemics, wars and earthquakes.
Emphasizing the importance of protecting the environment while increasing the competitiveness of SMEs, Cengiz Delibaş said that the agenda of the whole world is green transformation.
In this context, Delibaş stated that he appreciated the theme of the 18th SME Summit in the era of green and digital transformation, and stated that factors such as the economy of our country, the competitiveness of our industrialists, and our ability to continue our foreign trade depend on our ability to realize a green transformation by capturing the spirit of the time, especially in harmony with the European Union.
Cengiz Delibaş stated that Türkiye has come a long way in terms of green transformation and that there is still much more to be done, and explained that most of our SMEs are in the EU’s supply chain and that they have to transform in order not to be left out of the game.
Reminding that TOBB has identified green and digital transformation as a priority area of work, Delibaş touched upon the activities carried out by TOBB. He stated that the carbon footprint software, which will soon be available on the climate and environment portal, will provide great convenience for SMEs.
Following the opening speeches, panels on ‘Sustainable Green Transformation’, ‘Green Digital Transformation’, ‘Green Solutions’, ‘Green Financing and Supports’ were held.

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