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European Green Deal Sectoral Workgroup held first meeting of 2022

27.01.2022 / 

The European Green Deal (EGD) Workgroup, consisting of technical experts and decision-makers of the sectors most expected to be affected by the European Green Deal, convened with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Commerce and the Climate Change Directorate.​

The opening speech of the meeting was delivered by A. Saygın Baban, Head of TOBB Sectors and Entrepreneurship Department. Stating that there have been many developments on the EGD and climate crisis since the last meeting, Baban emphasized that the ratification of the Paris climate agreement, the position of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, the establishment of the Directorate of Climate Change within the Ministry, the announcement of the Green Reconciliation Action plan, the establishment of the Climate Law and the emissions trading system are important developments, and will be held in February. he talked about the importance of climate council studies.

International Agreements and EU Deputy Director-General Bahar Güçlü, who attended the meeting from the Ministry of Commerce, gave an informational presentation on the latest developments in the EGD and the work carried out within the scope of the Green Deal  Action Plan. Briefly summarizing the latest developments in the European Union within the scope of the EGD and the 55 Harmonization package, Güçlü specifically mentioned the developments in the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) draft and gave information on which direction the scope of the draft could be expanded in the coming period and how this could affect sectors. He also explained the scope of other policy documents such as the new industrial strategy, circular economy action plan, clean energy transformation, sustainable and smart transport strategy announced within the scope of the EGD and made assessments about the risks and opportunities that sectors may face in the coming period.

Speaking after Bahar Güçlü, E. Kaan Moralı of the Carbon Market Department of the Directorate of Climate Change introduced the new organizational structure of the Climate Change Presidency and explained the work and activities of the Presidency on the climate crisis and the EGD. Addressing the developments in the World Bank Memorandum of Understanding, climate law, updating the national contribution statement, carbon market partnership project on the Emissions Trading System, Moralı also mentioned that the Presidency has works such as Long Term Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan, Climate Change Platform. In detailed explanations regarding the climate council process, Moralı also explained the activities that the Presidency is responsible for within the scope of the Green Deal Action Plan.

After the presentations, the questions of the representatives of the sector were answered. In the last session of the meeting, information was given about some projects that are expected to contribute to the Green Transformation.

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