Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Graduation excitement at TOBB ETU

09.07.2021 / Ankara

Faik Yavuz, Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), said in his speech at TOBB University of Economics and Technology (TOBB ETU) 2020-2021 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony that they are together with turkey's best engineers and young people who will shape Turkey's future, “TOBB ETU is a project to bring to our country a new generation of Turkish business world, free thinking, knowledge seeking, rapid learning, technology production and inventing.”​

Faik Yavuz said, “You are well-educated, speak multiple languages, worldly, equipped engineers who have a year of work experience before graduating! And now you are part of the largest non-governmental organization in Turkey! You are the youngest member of the Turkish Business World umbrella organization, namely TOBB and Chambers-Exchanges community of 1.5 million people. We're very proud of you. We expect a lot from you! I wish you continued success.”

Yavuz stated that they are a big family as TOBB ETU with more than 8,000 graduates, parents, academicians and business representatives. “‎Praise Allah, we're among the best young universities in the world today.‎ Our scientific research programs are developing rapidly, and our number of graduate, doctoral students and faculty members is increasing rapidly. Our graduates represent us in the best way, both nationally and internationally.”

Faik Yavuz said that the incubation center they established to develop entrepreneurship culture at TOBB ETU works like a project factory, and that there are companies that compete with Microsoft with the 3D image transfer technology they have developed and export technology to Nokia.

Yavuz explained that the Technology Center hosts projects around the world in many fields from nanotechnology to energy. “‎Today, TOBB ETU sells technology to the U.S. Air Force‎. Our professor, Associate Professor Göknur Büke, from the Department of Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering, and her students produce two-dimensional, next-generation electronic materials for the American Defense Industry. R&D of our domestic car TOGG is being done on this campus. Our teachers are listed among the most influential scientists in the world on the most prestigious lists. All this shows that the seed we planted has taken hold. TOBB ETU has become a university that exports ideas and technology to the world.”

Yavuz, who asks students never to lose their entrepreneurial spirit, said, “This is the most basic feature that sets you apart as TOBB ETU graduates. Entrepreneurship is a philosophy of life. It's not accepting the static. It's about being open to change. You graduate from TOBB ETU with this philosophy."

Yavuz said: “Dream. Think big! Remember, it all starts with a dream. The freest place we are is our imagination. Set a target. They say to the Turks, ‘First they shoot, then they aim!’ Don't do that. The famous philosopher Confucius says, ‘If you want to climb a tree; ask to climb the stars so that you can succeed.’ Work hard and don't be afraid to lose. Even if you fail, keep insisting, don't give up. Take the initiative, don't be afraid to fail. Remember, those who don't give up on losing are on the verge of winning. Bring new customs to the old village. No matter what you do, bring innovation to your business. Look, with artificial intelligence, with third-generation robots, in the next 50 years, more than half of today's professions will go down in history. So today, four employees will be unemployed in the coming years. Robots will do their job. Artificial intelligence will be your biggest competitor. That's why we founded Turkey's first AI Engineering department. We have established it to educate young people who understand the world with data, who can think interdisciplinary, who produce new technologies. We built it to build the future with you. Set your own constitution, your principles. Be conscientious in everything you do, in any environment you are in. Be fair. Work for a world where the right are strong, not where the strong are right. Be honest! Because honesty is the trick. My final advice to you is: Don't miss life. Be a citizen of the world, travel a lot, learn new cultures, never stop reading and researching. Be the hero of your own story, not anyone else's.”

- Rector Sarınay

TOBB ETU Rector Prof. Dr. Yusuf Sarınay said that the challenging pandemic environment faced by humanity every 100 years gives students a compulsory life lesson at a young age.

Sarınay explained that the students try to solve the problems in a short time by addressing all complaints about distance education and distance exams with precision, “‎The spirit of unity and solidarity will continue in the future at TOBB ETU‎. The pandemic process was perhaps the first major event to be tested. The challenges that may follow will only lead to stronger ties between us.”

Stating that TOBB ETU is a proud brand for Turkey with its pioneering role that has achieved many principles despite its young age, Sarınay said, “We are overjoyed as we meet TOBB ETU graduates in different business areas, tasks and positions in our country and around the world. You may also encounter more and more TOBB ETU graduates in all areas of life. However, TOBB ETU accepted its first students exactly 17 years ago. At the time, we were a small family with only 3 faculties and 240 students. In the intervening period, we have reached 6 faculties, 22 departments and 4 institutes. We are now happy to become a big family with over 5,000 students and over 8,000 graduates. More than 400 of our graduates this year have master's and doctoral degrees. We are proud to offer the education and research infrastructure that TOBB ETU deserves to the young people who are the guarantee of our future.”

In the first session of the ceremony held at TOBB ETU Sports Hall in three sessions on July 9th and 10th, the students of the Faculty of Engineering received their diplomas.

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