Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Turkey Petroleum and Petroleum Products Industry Council met with EPDK, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and VDK officials

24.02.2021 / 

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Turkey Petroleum and Petroleum Products Industry Council held its first meeting of the year via video conference under the chairmanship of TOBB Board Member Engin Yeşil and Council President Ahmet Erdem.​

Councilors consulted on stations that sell below cost via illegal methods. The EPDK representative said that the issue was discussed at the meetings organized with the participation of EPDK, The Revenue Administration and the Tax Audit Authority and that the movement of fuel on a daily basis will be followed by the new framework. He said that the problem would be resolved through the integrated tracking system with the product coming into and out of the warehouse on the invoice.

During the meeting, where the biodiesel issue was discussed in detail, it was underlined that the financial and operational burden is on distribution companies. The proposal to reduce the rate of five per 1,000 to one in 1,000 has been conveyed to the public.

The official of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, who attended the meeting on Volatile Organic Compounds, shared the information that the protocol for TSE to become an Authorized Organization is in the signature phase. The opinion was conveyed that the inspections under the legislation will be designed in parallel with the ADR inspection of the tankers.

It was stated that a commission was established with the Ministries on the charging station of electric vehicles and that the issue was followed up as the sector council. It has been reported that it would be beneficial to establish a workgroup within the Council on this issue.

It was stated that the issue of Opening and Working Licenses is in the signature stage at the Ministry and is expected to be published shortly. According to the questions asked to the EPDK authority regarding the implementation process related to differentiated fuels (DKA), it became clear that distributors should follow up with DKA on the main fuel oil, but were not expected to report to the relevant Institution.

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