Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

TOBB Turkey Durable Consumer Goods Council elected its new president and vice president

21.09.2020 / 

The Union of Chambers and Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Turkey Durable Consumer Goods Council, chaired by Oğuzhan A. Sadıkoğlu, Member of the Board of Directors of TOBB in Charge of the Council convened via video conference to elect the Presidential Council and make a general assessment of the sector.​

In his opening remarks, TOBB Board Member Oğuzhan Ata Sadıkoğlu said that throughout the Covid-19 process, TOBB has mobilized all its opportunities for solving sectoral problems and the reporting of the problems in this context to public institutions/institutions has been meticulously carried out.

Despite the pandemic, the Council met more frequently than before with its sub-commissions without ever slowing down, Sadıkoğlu said, wishing the new council term success, and thanked all members for their participation.

Sadıkoğlu also recalled that Turkey's Sector Councils have been operating since 2006 and stressed that the councils are the platform which bring together public, private and sectoral non-governmental organizations on a legal basis.

Dr. Fatih Kemal Ebiçlioğlu, Chairman of Koç Holding Durable Consumption Group was elected Council President while Chairman of the Board of Directors of the White Goods Sub-Industrialists Association (BEYSAD) and Vice Chairman of the Endel Group of Companies, Şeref Burak Özaydemir was elected Council Vice President.

Council President Ebiçlioğlu and Vice President Özaydemir thanked the members and stated they would gladly contribute to all efforts to take the sector further.

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