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Food Council points out ‘insufficient production and high cost’ in red meat

TOBB Turkey Food Industry Council discussed the difficulties with red meat, emphasized the problems caused by ‘inability for sufficient production’ and ‘encountering high costs of production’.​ ​

Food and beverage sectors unite forces

TOBB Turkey Food and Beverage Industry Councils came together in a joint meeting. The meeting, taking place in TOBB Istanbul Service Building, was presided by Turkey Beverage Industry Council President Feyhan Yaşar and Turkey Food Industry Council President Necdet Buzbaş and emphasized the importance of strengthening bonds between the sector councils.​ ​

Italy Emilia Romagna Region Minister Muzzarelli visits TOBB

Economy, Development and Enegry Minister of Emilia Romagna, one of Italy’s most industrially developed regions; Gian Carlo Muzzarelli visited TOBB and met with TOBB Board Vice-President Faik Yavuz on June 2, 2011.​ ​

Beverage Sector establishes ‘Consumer Awareness Platform’

TOBB Turkey Beverage Industry Council met in TOBB’s Istanbul Service Building. The meeting wherein the suggestion to form a Consumer Awareness Platform was discussed, concluded with the decision to form a team of five and establish a business program.​ ​

New Turkish Debts and Commercial Laws Symposium held at TOBB ETU

The New Turkish Debts and Commercial Laws Symposium, lasting two days, was held at TOBB-ETU Faculty of Law.​ ​

A.U. Development Foundation Elementary School wins Maths & Mind Games Championship

Hosted by TOBB ETU “Ankara Elementary Schools Maths & Mind Games Championship” was won by the Ankara University Development Foundation Schools Private Elementary School.​ ​

Şirzat Subaşı elected Durable Consumer Goods Council’s new president

After Dilek Temel’s retirement, Şirzat Subaşı, the Turkey Home Appliance Industry Association Chairman, was elected unanimously as the TOBB Durable Consumer Goods Council President.​ ​

‘Legislation’ warning in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals sector

Turkey Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Council met in order to discuss developments and legislative regulations in the sector under the presidency of Council President Veysel Yayan at TOBB.​ ​

Turkish Pulp & Paper Industry Sector Council convened

Turkish Pulp & Paper Industry Sector Council convened under the presidency of Erdal Sükan in Istanbul.​ ​

TOBB Turkey Defense Industry Board President Yılmaz Küçükseyhan, “Compensation for costs has increased support”

TOBB Turkey Defense Industry Board President Yılmaz Küçükseyhan stated that with the “Citation for Market Research and Market Entry Support” cost compensation support for sector commerce committees put together by exporter unions as well as providing support for the sector committees tasked by promoter organizations for the proliferation of cooperative associations has been achieved.​ ​

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