Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Forestry Goods and Furniture Products Councils hold joint meeting

16.08.2017 / İstanbul

The joint meeting of TOBB Turkey Forestry Goods and TOBB Turkey Furniture Products Councils was held at the TOBB Istanbul Service Building under the chairmanship of TOBB Board Member Şahin Bilgiç. High-level representatives of public, private and non-governmental organizations showed great interest in the meeting.​

In the meeting, the present situation of the wood and forest products sector and the furniture products sector in Turkey and the world; the import and export situation of the sectors were discussed in terms of statistical data and countries on a case-by-case basis. In addition, evaluations for solving sectoral problems were presented.

Furniture Products Council members stressed that they are working in a labor intensive sector, and that the burden on employment should be reduced. Members of the Council, who pointed out the positive effect provided by the VAT discount, expressed their requests for the extension of the VAT discount.

Members of the Forestry Goods Council also express their gratitude to the Ministry for the removal of the Afforestation Fund and the Ministry Fund received on forest products.

Members pointed out the price increases of raw materials and stated that, as costs increase, intermediate goods producing companies also drive prices higher.

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