Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

TOBB Türkiye Services Council came together in Istanbul

02.05.2023 / 

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye (TOBB) Services Council convened at the TOBB İstanbul Service Building under the chairmanship of Hüseyin Bozdağ, Chairman of the Council with the participation of Ali Kopuz, Vice President of the Board of Directors of TOBB.​

Ali Kopuz stated that the end of Ramadan and the opening of the tourism season will directly and indirectly affect the sector, and emphasized the importance of sharing knowledge and experience of the Council Members in terms of taking the sector one step further. Kopuz gave information about the Business World Permanent Housing Campaign initiated by TOBB and asked for the support of the Council Members.

Council President Hüseyin Bozdağ conveyed his thanks to the members of the Council for their work in the earthquake region during the earthquake disaster on February 6, he stated that negotiations were held with public institutions and organizations on the provision of raw materials to the industrial food sector.

Ceyhun Bozçalar, Head of the Support Services Department of the Meat and Milk Authority, and Şenel Başbağı, Head of the Agriculture and Agricultural Industry Department of the General Directorate of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Capital of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, made evaluations on the agenda of the Council at the meeting where the opinions and suggestions of the Council Members, who continue their activities in various fields of the services sector from various regions of Türkiye, were shared.

The agenda of the meeting included discussions on how to integrate the services sector into industrial incentives, while the Meat and Milk Board's supply of raw materials to the industrial food sector was emphasized.

Consultations were also held on the use of the Credit Guarantee Fund's EYT Support Package.

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