Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Cosmetics and Cleaning Products Industry Council convened

01.07.2021 / 

The Meeting of the Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Cosmetic and Cleaning Products Industry Council was held via video conference under the chairmanship of Council President Ahmet Pura with the participation of TOBB Board Member Cengiz Günay.​

The meeting was attended by Ferhat Güngör, Vice President of Medical Devices and Cosmetic Products of the Turkey Medicines and Medical Device Authority, Sibel Gürer, Head of the Cosmetic Inspection Department, Ömer Faruk Kuru, Head of the Medical Device Registration and Coordination Department, Tuncay Özer, Head of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health, Department Head of the Department of Market Supervision of the Ministry of Commerce Ozan Kaya and Head of the Advertising Board Department Erdem Biçer.

TOBB Board Member Cengiz Günay stated that close monitoring of every problem of the cosmetics and cleaning products sector, which is of great importance for public health, was ensured during the pandemic.

Council President Ahmet Pura expressed his thanks to the Council Members and expressed that they are an industry that has done good work in cooperation with the public administration, and expressed the excitement of reducing the impact of the pandemic as soon as possible and starting face-to-face meetings as before.

Pura said that there has always been an audit problem in the sector and that this will be through the activation of Market Supervision and Inspection, and that the President received the information in March that the Market Surveillance and Inspection Agency will be established, and that fake, counterfeit products in a large part of the products covered by the cosmetics sector will decrease on this occasion.

Evaluating the Draft Regulation on Cosmetic Products, the members stated that the Draft, which is in one-on-one compliance with European Union legislation, was welcomed by the sector and that the cooperation with the sector made the stakeholders happy. Members stated that product characteristics, claims and packaging and information were presented in UTS, which is the notification channel for the cosmetics sector, and that the processes were activated by talking to the relevant institutions at the points of disruption.

Evaluating the legislation and practices of biocidal products, councilors discussed the announcement of license renewal in Type 1 and Type 19 products and the problems experienced for products with ongoing license applications.

At the meeting where other products under the Authority of the General Directorate of Public Health were evaluated, the members agreed that the main analysis of all biocidal products should be carried out according to the instructions on biocidal product analyses and authorized laboratories published by the General Directorate of Public Health, while the analyses to be carried out with the new Authority Should be carried out according to these instructions.

Councilors, who also evaluated the Medical Device Sales, Advertising and Promotion Regulation, which is another important issue in the sector, expressed their findings about the Regulation.

Commenting on the Industrial Sustainability Project in the Cosmetics and Cleaning Products Industry, Deputy Speaker Sibel Tüzün mentioned that the world is rapidly transforming and the twin transformation of knowledge and environment, noting the change and importance of industrial sustainability in the normal of the future, and that it is valuable to have TOBB's support in the project.

At the meeting, which also discussed the legislation affecting the sector, Guide to Commercial Advertising and Unfair Commercial Practices by Social Media Influencers was evaluated. Members said that the instalment ban, which has been provided with flexibility in many sectors, continues in cosmetic products and noted the importance of once again requesting the removal of this practice before the relevant Institutions.

Phosphorus and surface activated substance use and obligations in cleaning products were discussed at the meeting where the effects of the 17th Action Plan of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization were evaluated for the sector.

In addition, the meeting was informed about the Green Deal of the European Union and evaluated the latest developments regarding the Regulation on The Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals Registration (KKDİK).

Esin Özarslan of TOBB Environmental Directorate gave a brief presentation about the Organization of the Turkish Environment Agency, which has gained even more importance for the sector, and the New Industrial Strategy published by the European Commission.

Public representatives who spoke about the agenda items in question answered the questions of the members and expressed their satisfaction in working together at all times to solve the problems.

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